Case Studies

See How Sherpaneer Has Helped Companies Like Yours.

See How Sherpaneer Has Helped Companies Like Yours.

Empowering a Leading Education Marketing Firm

"Sherpaneer has that rare ability to truly understand the business and match the technology against a future vision. From challenging technical limitations, which they always had a clever way around, to tough change management across many business units with different operating models, the Sherpaneer team delivered a true solution on an incredibly tight timeline. If you have a complex project, there is no better guide than Sherpaneer."

- Steven Mandelbaum, SVP Business Applications, EAB
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AWS Integration
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Tableau CRM

Streamlining a Fragmented & Heavily Customized Salesforce Implementation

"Sherpaneer’s seasoned consulting team helped streamline and simplify our Salesforce experience with their Heath Check service. We were also able to leverage their Success & Support model when we needed to augment memoryBlue’s internal Salesforce team in a seamless fashion at a critical time in our business, when we were experiencing high growth."

- Rohit Amba, Chief Operations Officer, memoryBlue
Salesforce Consulting
Health Checks
Salesforce Configuration
Salesforce Support
Salesforce Sales Cloud
Salesforce Lightning

Enhancing Salesforce Administration Through Strategic Staff Augmentation

"Sherpaneer has helped me close the knowledge gap in taking over the team responsible for Salesforce Support. They are to the point, action oriented, and knowledgeable. If you are struggling with where to start and what to prioritize, they will help you get aligned and start to move forward with a plan to match your budget, technology status, and people skills."

- Sohil Sami, Senior Vice President, ScienceLogic
Salesforce Consulting
Salesforce Configuration
Salesforce Support
Salesforce Revenue Cloud
Salesforce Lightning
Staff Augmentation
Power BI