SherpaFlow automates and optimizes project management processes, facilitating efficient development cycles and seamless release coordination for teams. Built on the Salesforce platform, it provides a user-friendly interface for anyone with a Salesforce license.


SherpaFlow is a comprehensive Project Management application tailored for the Salesforce platform. Specifically designed to streamline development processes such as requirement gathering, work item tracking, release orchestration, and IT development analytics. SherpaFlow enhances project management workflows and introduces additional customizable objects to meet specific business needs. While requiring configuration by an administrator, SherpaFlow is accessible to any user with a Salesforce license, offering a user-friendly solution for project management within Salesforce.

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Agile Development Tracking

Streamline Agile processes with customizable workflows and tracking functionalities.

Release Management

Efficiently orchestrate releases and manage project timelines.

Case Tracking

Utilize native case functionality augmented by SherpaFlow's enhancements for comprehensive issue tracking.

Kanban Workflows

Visualize and manage work items with customizable Kanban workflows, promoting transparency and efficiency in project execution.